[The Conversation: At the Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley, CA, October 17-18, 2009]

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Quote mark Our hunch is that we're at an important moment in the history of technology and visual storytelling.

Audiences are discovering film and video in new ways, and consuming it on all kinds of new devices. Their interest in participation is high, whether that means helping to finance a project, being involved with the production, or spreading the word through their networks. But attracting "fans" and "followers" online can be a very different thing from getting them to show up in a theater, or purchase a DVD or download of your project. Enterprising creatives are experimenting with new forms, formats, and packages for their stories.

Release strategies are shifting by the minute. Established ways of doing things seem to be imploding, while new business models are only just emerging from the haze.

Our goal is for The Conversation to delve into all those issues — and more, with your ideas, help, and participation. The Conversation will focus exclusively on the new business and creative opportunities that are arising in 2010.

We expect every participant to bring his or her concerns, questions, or examples of what they've been doing and how well it's working, to share during the sessions or during the designated schmooze-time. (There will also be an opportunity to present during a Saturday workshop session.)

The overall goal is for The Conversation to be a real exchange of ideas — a gathering of people working on the edge and thinking about the future.